Danhao™ MB20 – Ultra-Pure Water Production Mixed-Bed Resin

Industry Grade Ready-to-Use Mixed Bed ResinDanhao™ MB20 is a premixed, mixed bed of unifo

product description

Industry Grade Ready-to-Use Mixed Bed Resin

Danhao™ MB20 is a premixed, mixed bed of uniform  particle size cation and standard anion resins designed for small industrial  water demineralization applications such as cartridges and lab water. It may be  used as a working mixed bed or as a polisher where<15 Megohm﹒cm final water quality is required. And the application could be mixed bed units for polishing  after primary demineralization systems, small industrial plants (e.g.  refilling of starter batteries or coolant circuits), process, manufacturing or  electronic industries, rad waste water process system, etc. The resin has been  developed for the production of high purity water. It can be used for all applications  requiring totally demineralised water, free of silica and carbon dioxide.


Ratio of    Cation/Anion


Ionic Form

H﹢/ OH-

Moisture content    %


Total Exchange    Capacity (Min) eq/ltr


Bulk density or    shipping weight gms/ltr

form 700-740

Operating pH    range


Solubility in    common solvents


Operating    Temperature℃ (max)




Bed Depth


Above 0.7

Running Flow    Rate



LIMITS OF USE: MB20 Ready-to-Use mixed bed resin is industrial  uses. For all other specific applications such as pharmaceutical, food  processing or potable water applications, it is recommended that all potential  users seek advice from Danhao Trading corporation or your local resin suppliers  or distributors in order to determine the best resin choice and optimum  operating conditions.

PACKING: 5Liter/bag with  alu foil vacuum packing, every 5bags/carton
CAUTION: Strong oxidizing agents like nitric acid  can cause explosive type reaction, when mixed with Ion Exchange resins.  Knowledgeable sources should be consulted in the handling of this material.

NOTE: Ion Exchange Resins are sold on a volume  basis, but are packed and shipped by weight. The shipping weight for each resin  is fixed & does not take into consideration the variations in density and  moisture content allowed within the product specifications. Therefore although the  weight of the material is constant, there may be slight variations in volume,  reflecting batch to batch variation of density and moisture content.

STORAGE  CONDITIONS: The resin  supplied in drums or bags should be stored in cool shed (warehouse) away from direct  sunlight & should be periodically damped down with clean water.

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